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IT Support

Effective IT support services for businesses throughout the UK from a Microsoft Partner. See how Grapevine IT Support can transform your IT systems.

Supporting the IT system demands of the modern business is what Grapevine IT Support is all about; freeing up essential time wasted through ineffective unmanaged IT services and ensuring that our clients are working efficiently with the resources that they have available to them. This is IT support done well; this is Grapevine IT Support.

Computer Repair/Upgrade/Service

With our new state of the art computer workshop we are able to undertake all types of computer repairs from Virus/Trojan/Spyware removal to recovery of data from damaged or faulty hard disk drives. If your computer is running slow a standard computer service may help. We can also help give older computer equipment a new lease of life with a low cost upgrade.

Business IT Support

Our support packages for businesses enables us to ensure that our clients' technology is operating efficiently. We understand that companies require a consistent ongoing level of assistance to maintain IT systems, we provide staff with support when hardware or software goes wrong, liaising with hardware and software vendors on your behalf as necessary, installing updates and making the appropriate changes when your business requires it. We offer either pay as you go or fixed monthly fee contracts where we assume the responsibility for your IT, just like your own IT department, providing backup support within guaranteed call times and keeping your business online and operational.

Business Systems & Solutions

We offer a complete range of business systems to meet all client IT requirements. Not only traditional back office administration based systems, but also specialist bespoke solutions. In addition to the various computer systems that we are able to offer, there is also a vast array of peripherals. From printers and scanners to the many other accessories and consumables that your business systems require to run effectively. With our own technical workshop our team of trained technicians can provide repairs and upgrades to your systems, keeping your business functioning effectively and offering a service to upgrade at very competitive rates.

From single workstations to large networks, we can offer a comprehensive solution for your IT needs and because our systems are built to order you get the bespoke package that you require. Our hardware installation service offers not only a professionally packaged product for your business but also rates that are extremely competitive. We offer a complete one-stop solution for your company's requirements from handover to installation.

Internet Solutions

From offices with a single PC to companies with computer networks at multiple sites. Grapevine IT can provide a solution to meet your company's needs, for now and into the future.

We also protect your network using the latest and most effective anti-virus, anti spam and content filtering solutions on the market blocking access to unwanted websites and providing ongoing advice on security requirements and precautions for your business in today's virus infected technologies.

Emails are now becoming the main way for businesses to communicate; this form of communication needs to be carefully looked after. Whether its viruses, spam or losing messages due to hardware or ISP failure, Grapevine IT offers a solution by blocking unwanted and often virus infected emails whilst making sure that only legitimate email gets through.

Online Backup is now accepted as the industry standard method for protecting vital business and enterprise data. Online backup services replace unreliable and time consuming tape backups with fully automated, reliable and scalable secure offsite backups.


Grapevine IT can design and build a network for your business, allowing your computers to connect together within a single office or multiple geographical locations.

Our services include:-

  • Network Hardware (Routers, Firewalls etc)
  • Internet Connections (ADSL, 3G)
  • Structured Cabling
  • Wireless Networks

Instant Remote Support

Remote support allows us to provide you with immediate technical support over the internet. Our trained support staff can visit your machine and help either guide you through the solution to your problem, or if more technical, just fix the problem for you.

To start a remote support session you will need to ring 01548 898183 and book a time. We make every effort to ensure that this will be on the day of the appointment (often it will be immediately), depending on staff availability.